There is room here to keep on working on our:

  • Storyworld
  • Characters/Goal
  • Story

In our small working groups you may want to assign roles to each other or  work across all roles. But, you need to think about the different types of activities that need to be done. Who has drawn a picture of your world? What will that look like in the game? Who will make sure the story stays strong? Who will get into some basic coding and start mapping out the game functionality?

Roles could include

  • head of story writting
  • head of storyboarding
  • music creator

What can I use to make my game?

Here is a list of different online platforms we might choose-

  • Scratch
  • QR code generator plus ipad/ipod
  • Google maps
  •  Sploder –  (need a login) Maybe need flash updated,
  • Sphero

You can access these in the side bar of the website, plus others. Today though we will probably start just having a play with Sploder and Scratch, and getting our heads around functionality.


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