This week we will get started thinking about the games we’d like to make in small groups.

You need to bring: paper or notebooks, pencils, pens, textas (stuff to write with) and maybe we get out laptops and stuff if the sites we need have been unblocked.

We will talk about these questions – so feel free to start thinking about them.

  • Who is my character? What is my character like? What is their goal?
  • What is my storyworld? Where does my character live? What is that world like? What is safe? What is dangerous?
  • What is my story? How does it begin? What happens in the middle? How does it end?

Dan might demonstrate more crazy games , including some that he has made like The Dragon Collective Trilogy.

Feel free to share your character and storyworld ideas in the comment section. Do it now – why wait?


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  1. Hey Dan,
    That was a great and interesting session today. I understood how important the storyline to a game is! Max, Tom and I are planning a game based on Survival. (Survival Island) Based on surviving on an island for a week or something like that. I am not too sure about what is going to exactly happen, but I know the adventure and storyline will end up being awesome. It will be a GREAT game! I am really enjoying this and can’t wait for next Monday.

    I’m about to play Anthony’s game. (Maybe I’ll beat it)
    Also I’m going to give this game making thing a try at some stage this week. Ill do another post if I do get something decent going!

    About me (As a gamer): I don’t really play games. Maybe the odd wii game but I have never thought about making any games. I played a little bit of Minecraft-It isn’t actually too bad! I am really great at Clash Of Clans though and I am very advanced in the game!

    I love Mario and that other wii stuff! I have a pS3, Wii, Ipod Touch, DSi and not too many games.
    Any great recommendations? Games on the computer or not, I would like to try and see some more…

    I also read some of the other comments too.
    I was wondering…
    What games does everyone else like/What are you going to make?

    **I gave Tetris a go too. I love it and Im pretty good at it.

    Charlie 😛

    • Great post Charlie –

      Survival Island is a great sounding game, I saw your project team working on it and struggling with some of the ideas and the size of it. Games are about continually evolving things, making mistakes and fixing them. So, this week keep thinking about that storyline – if you have time go to and make a game and see what you learn from that process.

      Look forward to hearing how you go.


  2. Hey Dan,
    Also, may I please have the link to that game you showed us in the lesson that you made about the gold king getting to the other person.


  3. Hi Dan , Charlie idea on making a game where you have to survive is great and I want to give it a try but on Sploder you cant really do it so what’s a good website to do it on.
    from Henry

    • Thanks Henry!

      Yes – this will be the challenge of Week 3…looking at the different tools and working out which one you like and how to best get a game to fit that…it might mean changing some aspects of your game, or just taking one bit of the game and turning it into a game to start. Why not at least make a simple game in sploder, get a feel for it. Tell me more about the survival game and I can point you towards some good tools – Scratch is a bit more difficult than Sploder to use, but gives you greater programming ability…maybe that will work.


  4. Hi Dan on the week 3 section it says we are going to be using Google maps, how are we going to use Google maps.
    from henry

    • Fair Point Henry. Although Sploder seems cool, I think my group will have to use a different website to make a game!

      On the blog under resources is a list of the game making websites that are great and suitable to use!


      • Charlie is right – also on every page, on the right hand side is the “Blogroll”. If you click on Gamemaking Tools it takes you to a site with HEAPS of online tools for making games. I’ll add the link below too.

        The aim of the next few weeks is to find the best platform to build your game on, and Kynan and I will help you to learn it and build your game on it.

      • Wow-That sounds so cool. When you next come in to school you’ll have to show me that. It sounds really cool and Im interested in how you do it!
        It is a great game idea!


  5. Hey guys,
    I’m in a group with my two pals Oliver and Leo. We came up with an amazing name and we think we know where we are heading with it. It’s called “Labrynth” or something like that. But we brainstormed and basically we thought that in the game you could like spawn in this massive maze and you don’t have any memories.

    We are thinking of making it in 8 Bit Graphics but we don’t really know any programs apart from sploder to do that. I’ve used sploder before and I don’t think that’s the kind of thing we want. I’ve also had a go at doing that on minecraft but it took a while.

    Cheers Will,

    • Hey Will, Oliver and Leo –

      I love the concept for the game. I like that you are thinking about how to deliver it.

      I have a few ideas…and it depends of how you want to take it…and how you want the game development to evolve. I think you could do a strong working example of the game using Disney Infinity…it offers great concepts for traps etc. You can use my xBox game…but also an iPad app lets you do it too.

      The issue with that is, you don’t get to design the actual character, but – there are ways around that…

      Here are some examples of a “maze challenge” people designed to for Disney Infinity – worth a look



    • Hi Will how did you find Disney Infinity? Did it help you create the idea you had i your head? Was it more like what you were imagining compared to Sploder? From where I was sitting it looked like a pretty amazing game you two were creating.


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