Here are a list of different digital spaces that you can use to make your own games.

SCRATCH: Scratch is a very powerful animation and game-making tool. It teaches you the basics of logic programming. You should be able to begin teaching yourself – but Daniel can also help out. I have seen students from 7 or 8 years of age use Scratch to make games.

SPLODER: Sploder is easier to use than Scratch. It guides you through making specific games using pre-made characters and images and game functions. You can still customise and make great games here. Really worth having a play with.

MINECRAFT Mini-games: Here is a good site for inspiration and information on building mini-games in Minecraft. Those of you who do a lot in Minecraft – especially those who use redstone a lot! – will find this a great options to learn about different ways to set up and design games in Minecraft.

Disney Infinity: Where to start. Basically, I’d love a team who felt they could have a play and build something amazing in Disney Infinity. This is a good place to get started.

Disney Infinity Toy Box App for iPad: A free app for iPad where you can begin the process of learning how to build and design worlds for games on the iPad. It is free, and clearly many of you have access to an iPad – so try it out.

ALSO – An amazing list of Digital Gamemaking Tools is on this wiki.

I have other options too – or maybe you do – leave your thoughts or other digital sites and tools in the comments below.

Some Games to Play

Here are some games to play and get you thinking about how you want to design your game:

MIDAS (made in 48 hrs at a Game Jam) –

TETRIS (what is your Tetris story?) –

Links to Places where you can learn

About Scratch…

About Spolder…

  • To come…

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  1. Hey guys, I teach a year 3/4 class and we’ve just got our MacBooks and are joining in on the ABC Splash live event next week to learn about Scratch. This is a terrific site and resource you’ve set up. Congratulations!

    Would you and your teachers be interested in chatting sometime about games to help us get started?

    Thanks, Mrs Marrion,
    Landsdale PS

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