The world of Minecraft

So. One of the challenges for the group has been the lack of access to Minecraft.

There have been many questions about how to create mini-games to how to set up a server. We can come up with the answers here.

If you have any great links or advice about Minecraft, please leave it in the comments.

But – for now.


The best way is to set it up with an online hosting service. Otherwise you set it up on your own computer, and it is better if it is hosted in the cloud – that way everyone can play on in 24/7.

STEP 1: Find parent or adult willing to let you set up a server that will cost $3.30 (Australian) per month.

STEP 2: Show them this hosting service – (very reliable)

STEP 3: Click “Order Now”

STEP 4: Choose Minimum Specifications: 256MB RAM, 1-6 players, Unlimited bandwidth (if you change these it costs more)

STEP 5: Name your server. This will be how people find it. The URL will be [servername]

STEP 6: Don’t change anything on the next screen. Just click “GO TO CHECKOUT”

STEP 7: Get an adult to COMPLETE THE ORDER and set up payment

STEP 8: You will get a username and password sent to the EMAIL address used in the order

STEP 8: Use this to log on to your SERVER MANAGEMENT PAGE at or

STEP 9: Here you can set up your page with mods, or other features. You press the START button under the ‘Status’ box.

STEP 10: Visit the URL of your server by enetering it into your Minecraft game (see STEP 5). You will need to use login and password to access.


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