Anthony’s Sploder Game:


We made One-Page Paper Games.

  • Craft-Target: an open-ended game where a small paper target is placed on the floor and player use their pieces of paper to design
  • Modified Paper Plane Game: You design a paper plane and it has to navigate a modified bedroom or classroom set up
  • Ninja Shuriken: Use a piece of paper to make a Ninja Mask and a Shuriken. A player must throw the Shuriken at a group of players. If a player is hit, they are out. If you hit the ninja – you lose.
  • Paper Toss: Using a single piece of paper create a circular goal, and a scrunched up piece of paper. You throw the paper through the hole. Various points and options available for scoring and game play


Our collective game idea, inspired by Sphero :

We brainstormed a game idea in 5 minutes. It was this…

Our game begins with a small ball character called Carlos. Carlos is an awesome, colourful Mexican technologic. His goal: “to bring colour to everything”

Carlos lives in a lonely desert, that is mostly black and white, called Unicorn Land. In Unicorn Land there are two other types of creatures, Unicorns who are safe anf friendly & tiger-eating Unicorns who are not. It is very difficult to tell these two different types of unicorns apart, unless you always have a tiger with you.

Carlos must bring colour to all the Unicorns, while avoiding the tiger eating ones!


A great little platformer where Will is testing out his design skills:


ULTIMATE SHARK ATTACK – This is a nicely put together piece of programming in Scratch from Anthony. You eat fish. You get points. You eat lots of fish. You get lots of points.

SURVIVAL ISLAND – An excellent platformer by Charlie. This game has used the text elements well to tell story, direct the player and enhance the game. Really worth playing – and learning from.


MALVERN CENTRAL STREETFIGHTER – Some great programming and development of a game in Scratch by Hugo and his team.

UPDATES TO ULTIMATE SHARK ATTACK – Here we can see some of the ways changes can be made to a game after feedback, by Anthony and his team.

SURVIVAL ISLAND – a well developed Sploder game from Charlie and his team

EPIC JOURNEY – a beautiful looking Sploder Game

ANDREWS WORLD – Here is a great platformer from Andrew, lots of good work put in around story and look and feel.


An excellent week of beta-testing and feedback by the whole team on each others games. Well done.



Great to see people still making games.

PERCY JACKSON by Will …This is one of the best Sploder Games I have played yet…it uses character, narrative and storyworld in the ways we discussed and has some challenging levels in there.


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    • I love the look of the game. I FINALLY got the hang of it – touch when those balls being spiked mean you lose a life…and I needed to make a big jump. You may want to consider how to give a player more time to assess the scene. But, I like the simple square character and the simple story of jump the spikes…clearly we are under attack in this game.

      Keep building your skills Will! Great that you have found lots to play around with. Keep it up. Awesome.

  1. Hi Will thanks so much for sharing it great game. I played your game and didn’t go so well ahhhhhh!!!!! I agree with Dan maybe give the user a bit more time to familiarise themselves and figure out what to do. Well done for making one 🙂

    • Absolutely loving the story aspect, the different levels. You use the text so well and it really adds to the game. Everyone should play this and think about how they could use the same in Sploder.

  2. Awesome Games Anthony and Will. I just couldn’t figure out how to play yours Will. Ill make a quick simple game later…


    Ps can my game be shown tomorrow!

  3. Wow, Sploder isnt just great for making games, I found so many great games to play, especially the “Hall of Game” section!

  4. I have figured out the problem why some games are just linked to the Sploder homepage. Dan said to post it copy the URL link when you are done making it. The game still wouldn’t of been published on that link, so it will lead you to the game on the creator, which you don’t have access to on a different account. The only way you can post your game on the blog is by clicking, share, publish and copying the URL. Every time you edit the game just save it and republish it to the same link!

    Hope this helped,

  5. Hey guys, It’s Will here again.
    I have uploaded another game that I tried to make on the mcs_game profile on Scratch.
    Check it out and I hope you enjoy. Its not finished though

    • That is a big question Henry, with many answers.

      Did you want to create a website where you put images and stories? Or more a blog, like this one?

      There are lots of free sites that make it pretty easy. If you reply and let me know what you want your website to be like – then I can suggest the best free place to make a website ad give you some instructions.


    • So glad you have kept making games Will. The narrative you have and the way you have put the game together logically to introduce the Percy Jackson world, have stages and levels where you practice skills and also get weapons and armor is great. This is a really fantastic game. I love it. My sons who are your age thought it was great too! I’ll add it to the page. Well done. Keep making!

      • Thanks so much. Lots of my friends are also making games still 😀
        Great program and thank you for the experience. Also about to make a second Percy Jackson game!

  6. Here’s the real one [flash=640,480][/flash]

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