Welcome and let the fun begin


Hi kids!!

Its Kynan and Dan here.

Welcome to the game making hour.

Every Monday we are going to be sharing with you some of the things we know about game making and we hope to learn heaps of things off you guys as well.

Why don’t you introduce yourselves to us and to the group by adding a comment.

Try this

  • Your name.
  • What you love about games, your favorites and have you every invented a game before – tell us about it.

I will go first

My name is Kynan Robinson  minecraft

I love playing games – I used to play a lot of online ones such as World of Warcraft but I had to stop as I became a little to addicted  I really like board games and just bought the Game of Thrones board game which is a strategy game. I guess strategy games a my fave. But I also really like games where you can invent your own rules like Minecraft and Gary’s Mod. warcraft

When I was a kid I use to invent a new game every day, they were usually sporting type games that involved me kicking a stone into a goal 🙂

What are you into Dan?


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  1. Hey everyone.

    My name is Daniel Donahoo.

    I’m a gamer from way back. When I was in my final years of Primary School I started to read a type of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books called “Fighting Fantasy” – they were books about dragons and fairies and goblins – and you had to roll a dice and make decisions as part of the story.

    That got me started playing Roleplaying Games – where you sit around a table and tell a story with other people. playing characters and using dice. I know play those games with my own children – we love it.

    So, mostly I love world building games – Civilisation, Sim City, Minecraft.

    But, I also make games for people to use in schools and other places. Games that use computers, but are not just computer games. These games jump off the screen and take place in the classroom as well as on the computer.

    My favourite boardgames are Settlers of Catan and Small World (again games about building worlds).

    Recently, I have been testing new games – like Disney Infinity for that company. I love the whole Skylanders and Disney Infinity games.

    And, when I want to relax I just play some Mario Kart.

    I look forward to bringing in some old computers and old computer games for you folks to play and try out as you learn about creating your own games.



    • Haha I’ve not been here for so long, I was just wondering if people still use this website. But anyway, Batman Arkham Knight comes out in two months and I’m looking forward to that. Just Cause 3 which comes out soon might be good. I have gotten in to more action and intense games like Tomb Raider and Grand theft auto 5. Also I’ve tried writing a reviews on games I’ve played and I’m really enjoying it, and Im thinking of making it in to a career I don’t know If anybody uses this website anymore but oh well.

  2. HI my name is Leo my favourite games are pokemon, Fifa and league of legends. I like playing video games because when you have nothing to do i play video games,i started playing when i was 3 my first console was a game cube. My favourite genre of games are strategy and creativity. Now time to ask my questions.
    1. What was your first game
    2. when did you start playing
    3.what was your first console
    4. which game should i get battlefield 4 or CoD:ghosts
    5. Which is better Playstation or Xbox
    and 6. have you created a game on a raspberry pi
    ty (thank you)

    • Great stuff – Pokemon is actually an amazing game in how it has evolved from card game, into cartoon and onto different consoles and game devices.

      And – great questions. My answers:

      1. My first was probably Galaga on an old tabletop system where I played basketball. My first real obsession with a game was on my Commodore 64. It was Pitfall … check out what it looked like here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMbF-b5qvJo

      2. I first started playing computer games seriously in 1985

      3. I got my first computer/console in 1985. A Commodore 64 with a Cassette Tape Drive. A year later I got a 5.25 inch floppy disc drive.

      4. I recommend you skip both and get “Journey” – available on Playstation

      5. I don’t have a console preference – both are good depending on what you want to play.

      6. I haven’t made a game on Raspberry Pi – but I have played with a Raspberry Pi and got Minecraft operating on it and am currently mucking around trying to turn a Raspberry Pi into a Robot using LEGO.

      Looking forward to seeing what game ideas you come up with Leo.

      • I saw a review for Journey Dan – it looked totally amazing, sort of no rules? you just kind of float along looking for ways to interact and ways to get to the distant light? Is that right?

      • cool i heard reviews on journey and i played the ending and is there anywhere i can get a commodore 64?

    • The first game I played was also Galaga, I used to also play a game called Double Dragon. It was an arcade game that my local fish and chip shop had and it cost 20 cents.

      That was way back in the dark ages
      My first console was an xBox – so cool when it first came out

  3. Hey this is Luca i was in your game making class today. It was super fun and you guys are awesome! Here are some games I like: i like call of duty, halo, Minecraft, Fifa and others. I like halo because it is fun playing online with your friends and interacting with other players it is also fun shooting aliens. I like call of duty because of the wide range of gun choices and all the shooting. I like Minecraft because you can play online with your friends online and make up your own rules. Last but not least i like fifa because i love the feeling/momentum when you score a goal it just makes me fill so happy! Thanks for teaching us how to make games you rock.
    From Luca Jones

    • I love the diversity of games you play Luca. I think we should all play lots of different games.

      Have you got some ideas about what type of game you’d like to create? Look forward to seeing what you come up with.



      • Hi dan i was thinking about making a game like halo where i am the main character and you shoot aliens and other humans. There will be a creative mode so you can have any gun or vehicle. You will also be able to place any alien to try and kill it!



  4. I also enjoy playing Minecraft for a different reason. I love it because it’s open world and I just love the idea that you can do anything.

    I used to make my own games on Sploder but then I moved on to playing other games like “Realm of the Mad God” which is another open world game where you try to defeat monsters and level up. The goal is to defeat the: “Mad God” which is a guy named Oryx and he’s very hard so basically you spend months levelling up. I mostly just run around like a headless chicken though!

    • Hey Will – I look forward to you telling us more about “Mad God”…next class we will talk about characters and you describe and focus on the importance of a character here – Oryx sounds like a great character. What type of character would you like to make for your game?

  5. I love clash of clans because you get to level up.The aim of clash of clans is to get to the highest level.Right now i’m on level 7 town hall, when i started the game i found it really hard to find out what to do but when i got into the game more i found it allot easier.

    My other favourite game is mincraft.
    I like mincraft because it has two options: Creative or survival.

    Creative: I like creative because you can youse your imagination to build whatever you want, right now i’m building the Big Ben.

    Survival: I like survival because you get to stay up at night and build when zombies, skelitens and spiders attack exept crepers blow you up.
    On mincraft when i started my home i built a masive house with watchrooms, garden, mini house+ a mining spot, art gallery, tunnels, found loads of animals and more.
    Once i built a spawning point at my house, when i came back from my mincraft journey i discovered that there where lots of mobs in the spawning point so i went to see them. I opend the door and a blarst of mobs blew out and crepers nearly killed me then skelitens shot me dead.
    Once i built a sporning point for mobs and when i got back from my mincraft journy ifound mobs in my spawning point so i opend the door and a blarst of mobs came out.
    Crepers blew up allot of my wall, zombies and spiders attacked from every angle and then a skeliten unfortunately i died.


    • Hey James:

      What I like is that you share with us different types of game play that you like! It is interesting though that Clash of Clans and Minecraft are both worldbuilding games that offer different ways to do that – both which can be fun and enjoyable to play.

      How will you make your game fun? What makes a game fun to play? …hmmmm, that is a big question!

  6. Hi, I was in your class on Monday I and found it interesting what key points make a game fun and interesting. From your class I now really want to create my own game and might actually muck around with some game creator websites right now. Now to what games I play, I like to play fps shooters on pc like soldier front 2 . I like these games because you have to think of a way to eliminate your player without him/her seeing you. I use to like playing RPGMMOs like AQW on the internet. These types of games really made me interested in playing games more because of the variety of things that could happen. I also like to play FIFA and NBA2K. Now I have some questions for you.
    1. When did you first want to start making games and apps?
    2.Do you use a console or pc to play games?
    3. If you use a pc what core do you have?
    4. What’s your favourite game to play?



    • Cheers Anthony:

      Great comments!

      I encourage you – and everyone to have a play with some game creators and see which one you like best. You can start now. Check out some options on the Resouces page – https://malvernprimarygamemakers.wordpress.com/resources/

      I like the diversity of games you are interested in. But, make sure you think about the story and the characters before you start building a game!

      In answer to your questions:

      1. I am mostly interested in stories! So, I became interested in games because I wanted to tell stories and for me – games are stories. So, when I was 12 oe 13 I began writing my own paper-based RPGs and playing them with mates. I also programmed my own text-based RPGs for my computer. But, about five years ago, after writing stories and doing different jobs in schools and government – I started making games.

      2. I play games on everything! I use PC and Mac. I have xBox and Wii. I play mobile games on iOS and Android. I love boardgames. I still do paper-based RPGs with dice and my mates.

      3. Intel i7

      4. At the moment – Acension (a mobile card game like Magic: The Gathering). Disney Infinity (on xBox) and Numenera (a recently designed paper-based RPG about Earth 500 million years in the future).

      Look forward to next week.


  7. Hi Luca again cant wait for next monday it is going to be so fun by the way i downloaded the game you mase just one life and i died so i cant play anymore it was fun while it lasted though.

    • Ah yes, fascinating and fun concepts are interesting for games. I like your idea of a Halo type game. I think what is important is to think about who your main character is, what is their goal and what is the world you are setting the game in. We will talk to that next week I think.

  8. Hi my names Andrew and I like a variety of different game styles. That’s why I’d have to say Batman Arkham City is my favourite. It diversifies from crime solving, free flow combat and stealth. The plotline is very gripping and is very easy to learn. I also like minecraft, as the ability to do whatever you want, however you want and whenever you want is very fun. plus there is no right or wrong way to play and it’s a very original idea. I also have some questions
    1. What is your favourite genre of games
    2.Do you think Batman: Arkham Origins looks cool
    3. Do you think Wii U is worth buying, considering the poor sales
    Thanks for the lesson, see you next Monday

    • Hey Andrew – glad you love Batman: Arkham City.

      Did you know that Arkham city is a name the Batman creators have taken from my favourite horror writer who wrote stories in the 1910s and 1920s. His name was H.P.Lovecraft and may stories he wrote were set in the town of Arkham. He is one of the grandfathers of modern horror and some sci-fi. When you are older – read his stuff.

      I also enjoy games where there is no right or wrong way to play like Minecraft.

      In answer to your questions:

      1. My favourite genre is fantasy and science fiction. (think The Lord of the Rings or Cyberpunk)
      2. I think Arkham Origins does look very cool. Superhero genres can be hit and miss, but Batman is one of my favs.
      3. Have played a bit with the Wii U, haven’t bought one. It has amazing possibilities – but Nintendo seem to have trouble attracting game developers at the moment…so if you have one or buy one the only issue would be access to a diverse range of games that use the duel screen possibilities.

      cheers – see you Monday


    • HI Andrew great questions. My son loves Batman Arkham City for the same reasons that you do. He loves the plot-line – he also likes the free roaming aspect to it — he can just go in and do his own thing.
      To answer your excellent questions I like MMOGs – games where there are loads of real players not AI,
      Arkham Origins looks very cool.
      I havn’t really looked at the Wii u


  9. Hi I am Henry and I made a game called capture the crystal its not that good I just wanted to put something on this website.

    • Thanks Henry –

      Capture the Crystal is a great title…tell us more about it. You usually find your game ideas are better than you think – people who make games are usually the ones most critical of it.

      And – keep putting stuff on this website!

      Good stuff mate

  10. Hey Dan
    I have a question for you.
    I was wondering if there is away to create a game with lego stop motion.
    I have great ideas and i am a big fan of lego, which makes it easy for me to come up with cool ideas.

    Also what is your favourite game of all time?


    • Hey Oliver.

      I think we could come up with a way to make games out of LEGO Stop Motion. It would probably mean you use the stop motion as little films that people watch, and then have game activities inbetween those…so it would be a game/story delivered through a website…rather than controlling the LEGO people like in LEGO Star Wars say. Let us have a think about it – have you got any of your stop motion animations you can share?

      My favorite game of all time?

      That is tough.

      In terms of any game at all – it would have to be Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Game
      But, in terms of computer/digital games – Civilisation, it is a game that defined my commitment to world building games!

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