What is a Game?

A game is made up of different things. What are the things that make up the games you like?

In this week we want to have a good chat about all the things we love about games – sport games, computer games, playground games, back of the car games, weekend games…so – have a think about the following questions:

  •  What games do you play?
  •  Why do you play them?
  • What makes a good game?
  • What platforms can you use to create games?

Talk about game extension ideas (digital meets analog)

Talk about games without narrative – Minecraft, Gary’s Mod, .

Lets play an outdoor game such as fruit salad and discuss if you see the same elements as an online game.

Are there characters? Is there any story? Can you win it or is it not that sort of game?

Feel free to put some answers in the comment section.

Here is out brainstorm on what games we play and why we link them. <Click>


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